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We are Your Local Service All Stars to Help Your Next Home Project Become a Reality!

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100% Free Consultation
Risk Free Consultation with one of our operations managers. You can see for yourself how good our people are. If you like us and our bid, we are more than happy to book and help your dream home be a reality!
The Premier Place For Your Next Remodel
We fully screen, check, and train our Professionals. We stand behind our work and make sure we deliver an amazing experience every time!
We Are Only Satisfied with Amazing Results! 
We are happy and satisfied when you are. We know that if we work hard and deliver a great product, you will be grateful for years to come! We aspire to make clients happy. 
Testimonials of Satisfied Customers
Excellent company— finished the project for less than the original quote and Greyson did a fantastic job! Couldn’t be happier with my experience!

-Roger M.
Now THIS is a company I'll continue to do business with! After being promised excellent customer service with All Pro in Salt Lake City, I was sorely dissapointed at their bait and switch tactics. They were all talk and very dishonest with their pricing. Then I was lucky enough to find Cransten, and not only did I get prompt service, but the technician was professional, honest, and didn't even charge me for time spent, realizing I had ordered the wrong part! Wow! Unheard of. The owner reached out to me himself to make sure I was all taken care of, and that was impressive!
-Anitra K.
Can't say enough good things about this company! Honest, fair, well priced and tech savy!

-C.J. I.
Types of Projects Cransten Handymen Handle:

Handyman Services
Kitchen Remodels
Bathroom Remodels
Property Maintenance

And Much More. Give us a Call to Find Out More!
Gallery of Projects
Who We Are
Who are Cransten Handymen?
Cransten is the next generation in Remodeling and Handyman services. As a company were are focused to offer customers the best service possible. We are a construction company that uses software and technology to create a customer service experience that is second to none. 

We work fast, efficient, and professionally. We are transparent, and will not ever let our customers down. 
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Why Cransten Handyman and Remodeling for Your Next Project?
  •  Cransten Handy Man will provide the best QUALITY work for your projects.
  •  All Handy Men have been through a Cransten PRE-SCREENED process and extensive BACKGROUND check for your safety.
  •  Cost EFFECTIVE and FLEXIBLE Solution.
  •  RELIABLE and ON-TIME Service.
  •  Cransten Survey allows you to have the BEST handy man for your PROJECTS from our customers Ratings.
Why Work with Cransten Handymen instead of a General Contractor?
Many General Contractors are too busy and too swamped to handle small to mid-sized jobs around your home. If you want someone to do clean, professional, and efficient work, Cransten Handyman and Remodeling is the place for you.

Also, most general contractors will sub-contract out a lot of their work. With Cransten Handyman and Remodeling, you can cut out the “middle-man” and work directly with the people that would end up doing the work. In effect, you will know exactly the quality you are getting along with improving the communication and timing processes.

We have a streamlined process that uses software and technology so you have professionalism, timeliness, and complete transparency everything that we do.

No more headaches or hassles hoping that your people show up or that your job will be completed on time. Cransten Handyman and Remodeling is here for you!
Issues in the Construction Space Cransten is Solving
  • No more paying up front for all of your fees. We will start the work with no charge up front and bill in regular cycles until the work is complete. That way you know work is being completed to your satisfaction every step of the way!
  •  No more having people do work on your property that have background issues that you wish you would have known about. All of our employees have full local and national background checks before we hire them!
  • No more no shows or delayed projects. How many times have you had someone say they will start a project without finishing it or even having a contractor delay and put off your project? That’s not a problem here. We manage all of our Handymen’s schedules to make sure your project is a priority. 
  •  Top Quality Work every time. We screen, vet, and continually train our Handymen. This way you know you are working with top talent every time they show up to your home. We have our QA processes to make sure you are happy and satisfied every time!
The Benefits of a Cransten Handyman
We have specialists for your job

Effective Processes

Don’t Have Someone Bail On You

Don’t Lose Your Money To Someone Who Doesn’t Show Up




Held Accountable


Quality Assurance
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